Each year those participating in the Timothy Charge will be given the opportunity to participate in the Timothy Training at Shiloh Bible Camp. This will be a multi-purpose training intended to accomplish the following goals:

  1. To bring together those from different areas who have been participating in this charge for fellowship and mutual encouragement.
  2. To bring in a speaker who will further challenge these students in their relationship and walk with Jesus Christ.
  3. To provide an event just for them to give them an opportunity to have a fun and rewarding time as part of the reward for all their hard work ( we will work hard at this to try and make it a blast).
  4. To provide them with some unique and fun hands on training to help unite and prepare those who will be working together at Shiloh Bible Camp for the coming summer.
  5. To give them the opportunity to take some ownership in Shiloh Bible Camp by giving them the chance to do some work around the camp to prepare it for the coming camping season.

We are committed to making this event very low cost for those attending. We want this to be a reward for the students, not a burden! Further information will be given as the time (Spring) draws near.