The Shiloh Update, September 2016

Shiloh Update September 2016

Greetings Friends of Shiloh!

As always, I want to begin by saying thank you! Your partnership with Shiloh allows for so much amazing ministry! God bless you all for your prayers, support and service in various ways!

What’s Been Happening?

My first thought was, “This must be a mistake. Surely we made some kind of accounting error. 78 first time salvations? That seems unbelievable! We need to double check our stats!”

Each summer, the first big thing we kick off at Shiloh is what we call “Summer Missionary Training and Work Week.” In mid June we have all the Summer Missionaries show up at camp and we begin a week of training, planning details for the coming camps such as games, skits, who’s going to do what, mail call antics, etc. This is a time of team building and spiritual challenge as well. It is usually one of my favorite weeks of the year… Download and read the full newsletter here.

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