Ed and Fran Renk have been serving as Missionaries in Eastern Oregon with the American Missionary Fellowship for over 30 years.  Ed is the Executive Director of Shiloh Bible Conference responsible for the overall running of the camp.  He has been involved with Shiloh since itís incorporation in 1979.  He has served in almost every aspect of camp from Cabin Leader and Program Director to Treasurer and Vice President of the board. 


Fran has also been involved in many different areas,  but primarily in food service.  For the last 10 years she has been heading up our kitchen, overseeing buying, storage, preparation, and serving of the meals, as well as all health and safety aspects related to the food service.


As full-time missionaries, they have area responsibilities in Eastern Oregon (their field with AMF).  In the fall and winter months Ed has Adult Bible Studies in 5 different communities and leads Release Time Classes in 6 different rural public schools.  They are working in two communities in youth outreach, and currently Ed is filling the pulpit in two small churches every other week.  Fran is the principle of the Treasure Valley Christian School which keeps her very busy.


They have 4 children.  Andy and his wife, Melanie, who live in Duvall, Washington where Andy is working for the Microsoft Corporation.  Tina, who lives in Portland and is working in a hospital and applying for Physicians Assistant school.  Callie and her Husband, Ryan McFadden, who also live in Portland where Ryan works as a Website Designer.  And Debbie, who attends the Treasure Valley Christian School as a 6th Grader.


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