We were originally started by the American Sunday School Union back in the 1930's, as a way to gather children around the area together and teach them the good news about Jesus Christ, while giving them a fun experience at the same time. (In case you do not know, the American Sunday School Union (ASSU) changed its name to the American Missionary Fellowship (AMF) in 1974, and then to InFaith in recent years.) Back in those days, they just gathered kids together to camp out along the Payette River. Over the years much has changed, including the acquiring of our own property through a generous donation in 1979. We now have 14 cabins, a main building with a chapel and dining hall, a bath house and a caretaker's home which have all been built debt free, as that is our policy. We have also added many activities including skills classes like canoeing, archery, riflery, horsemanship, sports activities, self defense, etc. However, even though many things have changed, one thing has not, and that is the desire to teach kids the Word of God, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We seek to be faithful to our purpose of reaching people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We hope that every camper has fun and grows in their relationship with Jesus. "Study, Do & Teach the Word."

Many camps these days seem to be distracted by all the activities. The activities become their primary focus, and even their very identity. Although we have many activities at Shiloh, and strive to do our best to insure the campers have a blast, our primary focus is still the Word of God, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We prioritize things in our schedule such as chapels, cabin devotions, personal devotions, Bible Quizzing, and even strive to make our Ultimate Challenge (an extended, theme based team competition at the end of each week) geared in such a way that the entire event teaches a spiritual principal or principals which we highlight at the end of the competition.

Another thing we are committed to here at Shiloh is to keeping the price of our camps as low as possible, so that as many kids as possible can come and hear about Jesus. We do this through a variety of ways. First, all our Full Time Staff are missionaries who raise their own support. Second, all our support staff are volunteer. Third, we rely heavily on donations. Our operating costs are not met in full by the funds we receive from camper fees. This means we rely on monthly donations, and other gifts that gracious donors give to our ministry.